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“On my tour of the school, I felt very comfortable and welcomed. I wanted a school with an affiliation to a Christian Church. I like how the classrooms are near each other but the school is not crowded. It is very clean and neat.”

Linda Spies

“We felt that having our daughter attend Hobby Horse was like leaving her with family. This school came to us recommended by Mom’s Club members.”

Ed Shuttera

“We love the low student to teacher ratio that is offered at every age level. We chose Hobby Horse Preschool because the positive values taught reflect those taught in our home. We have had three children attend Hobby Horse. All of our children have emerged completely ready for Kindergarten while taught in the most enriched, loving environment.”

Mary Martin

“The atmosphere at Hobby Horse Preschool is friendly, loving and educational. The teachers have wonderful credentials and many years’ experience. The school is clean and well kept. A nice variety of educational equipment and wonderful crafts are a part of the daily experience. We love this school!”

Rob and Jen Musson

“We love Hobby Horse! Best preschool in Medina County. Our son learns so much every day and the teachers are amazing.”

The Hominskys

“Hobby Horse Preschool has provided our son with a relaxed, supportive and loving environment. Since he started at the age of three, he has always enjoyed going to school – never cried or complained. The teachers and administrative team at Hobby Horse are wonderful. They truly care about our son’s development in the well-rounded way we hoped he would experience. I highly recommend this program.”

Jennifer Garner

“Hobby Horse Preschool was an amazing experience for both our daughters, providing a solid foundation for entering elementary school.  The teachers are wonderful and we were thrilled with all of the classroom projects that were sent home.  Highly recommend!”

Mike and Jenny Elder

“I like the way the beginning of the school year was organized to transition the children into the year.  The curriculum includes a variety of learning activities and the staff is very friendly.”

Katie Joviak

“Hobby Horse Preschool provides a clean & safe environment, wonderful teachers & staff and a great learning experience for our children. We are so happy to be a part of the Hobby Horse family!”

Rich and Krissy Moore

“Hobby Horse has been a true blessing for our family.  The staff confidently handled our son’s separation anxiety and has provided fun and educational activities during each and every class.  We have seen tremendous progress in both our son’s social and educational development.  During our three years with Hobby Horse, the entire staff has consistently displayed warmth, caring, love and passion for their students and their position.  We highly recommend Hobby Horse to anyone considering sending their child there.”

Tracy Worley