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Our curriculum is created by our professional staff to reflect the knowledge we have that preschool age children learn best through play. Our activities are designed to involve the children in both group and individual activities. We work diligently to provide a curriculum that has Developmentally Appropriate Practices (DAP) which allows each child to reach their own potential.

Using our Mission Statement as our guide we seek to foster the development of the whole child.


We provide the opportunity for children to learn to interact with children their own age and with adults outside of their own family. We work daily on learning how to co-operate and share with others, how to interact in a group setting and how to use manners.


We provide the children with daily activities that encourage movement and exercise. We utilize the Jesse Community Room of our school for music/movement activities and the larger Fellowship Hall space for large muscle activities such as running, jumping, games and planned physical activities. We also go on walks near our school when possible. You may have seen us as we walk together holding onto a walking rope!


We help each child learn to express their feelings with their words. We treat each child as an individual and understand that as a preschooler they are progressing from being egocentric to understanding the needs of others. We foster children to become more independent and confident.


We believe that God is the center of our universe. We share with the children Bible stories and religious songs that are child appropriate and provide a Christian lesson. We pray before our daily juice or snack time.


We offer a curriculum that is structured enough to meet the intellectual needs of the age of the child in the class yet flexible enough to be adapted to meet individual needs. Children are exposed to concepts in all areas of learning.

  • Math and Science concepts include recognition of numbers, counting, patterning, sorting, classifying, sequencing, nutrition, cooking and other age appropriate skills.
  •  Language concepts include continual development of vocabulary, rhyming, sequencing, poetry, recall of stories, alphabet recognition, printing and recitation.
  •  Social Science concepts include that we are a part of a community, that we have families and that we are connected through our school and wider community.
  • Art concepts include creative activities that encourage the children to use their imagination, skills such as painting, cutting and gluing and projects that require a step by step process.
  • Music concepts are taught in our classroom as part of our daily routine and in our Music/Movement time. We include vocal and instrumental music in our curriculum.

With our low child/staff ratio we can best serve the children, interact with them and provide activities that are only feasible with small group or individual attention. Providing a top-quality preschool experience for our children is our main objective. This includes providing love and support for developing the whole child.

Hobby Horse Preschool does not discriminate in the enrollment of children upon the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. Hobby Horse Preschool is licensed by the State of Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services.